A Day At The Rupert Museum

by - September 28, 2020


If you're anything like me, a good day trip generally includes a visit to the local coffee shop, bookstore, and/or art museum. This has not always been the case. For many years museums were a foreign concept to me. This was not due to limited access as I've come to find that museums are easily accessible across South Africa. Instead, I found myself always associating museums with exclusivity. This could not be further from the truth. I learned this after a memorable three-hour date at the Zeitz MOCAA museum in 2018, where my love for the art scene in Cape Town soared, prompting me to find hidden gems across the city. 

Last year, that search led me to The Rupert Museum, a completely free art center nestled in the small town of Stellenbosch. The overall space turned out to be much more spacious than we initially thought, offering a wide variety of art to browse through. Including statues, documentaries, paintings, and books, among others. The art included lush landscapes and warm tones, which suited the small farm town of Stellenbosch perfectly.

To add to the experience, we also stumbled across the little cafe located in the heart of the museum. Here, I was able to combine my love of art and coffee in a space that felt warm and relaxing. The overall experience kept us busy for well over two hours, making it the perfect stop for a memorable day trip.

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Museums are always looking for more visitors. Despite being completely free, the artists in this space deserve appreciation. The venue is also perfect for event bookings.

- Tina.

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